Mothers Day!


Sunday was Mothers Day here in Australia! Yay! I hope all the mothers who read this blog had a great day!

I was awoken by Tonka meowing at me, and then Frodo coming up and giving me kisses. It’s a bit of a daily ritual that when I wake up we all play in bed for awhile before I get up.

 Mum decided she wanted to go for a little drive and look at the markets at a near by winery.I’m loving living just this little further ‘out’ from the city. You can drive 15 minutes and be in the middle of bare land, grazing cows, goats, horses. I’m so at peace when i’m near nature.


We visited Vicary’s Winery, were we looked at the markets, watched the Thomas the Tank train carry laughing children around and around, and then I went & tried the Port! I don’t like wine, but I do enjoy Port. I tested 4 different kinds and picked the 75th Anniversary one as my favourite, which my Dad then bought me as a Mothers day present from Frodo and Tonka.


We then continued on our drive and stopped by the Warragamba Markets, and then on to one of the viewing platforms to have a look out at Warragamba Dam. It’s been soooooo long since I remember going, it’s changed so much. Well, not the dam itself, but all the surrounding areas.


I’ve been struggling with my depression and I’ve really been just going for ‘comfort clothing’. I seem to have made a uniform of body con dress/ sheer tunic over the top / boots.


Once a tree hugger, always a tree hugger!