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Aussie Curves – Leather

May 13, 2013


This weeks Aussie Curves theme is “LEATHER”. I don’t really own many things that are real leather, I much prefer faux leather. The only item that I could think of that I knew 100% was leather are my UNIF hellraisers. So I decided to just do my outfit with faux leather / pleather.


These stockings, along with another pair that i’ll show another time were sent to me from Donatellas. I love them, this is actually the 2nd time i’ve worn them. They are really comfortable. Take note of the sizing though, these are the XXXL and wouldn’t fit anyone with thighs much bigger then mine comfortably. I’m actually going to order THESE next pay.


I probably wear this Sportsgirl necklace WAY too much. It’s one of those necklaces that just seems to go with everything, I always seem to be throwing it in. I’m loving that it’s starting to get cooler so I can start wearing my boots again!


Top – City Chic | Skirt – New Look | Stockings – c/o Donatellas
Boots –
Payless Shoes | Necklace – Sportsgirl


  • I love the whole outfit!

  • This outfit is sooooo cool! Love everything about it!

  • Gah! You’re so awesome. Loving those tights and the pleather skater skirt is all kinds of adorable.

  • LOVE this outfit! gorgeous!! x

  • SpiikerKat

    so funky! love it

  • ahh! I love your style! I really am loving that skirt!! 😀

  • Ashley Rose

    Those tights suit you down to the ground!! And would love to see the details on that necklace, is it perspex? Looking fab xx

  • Bek

    Looking awesome! Love all the different textures you have going on here. xx

  • Paige

    I want that skirt now 🙂 how long is it? Being an extreme shorty so many awesome skirts are way too long for me, and they keep refusing to put the length on websites 🙁

  • Sparkles and Lace

    Gorgeous outfit. I love that skirt!!

  • *wolf whistles!* Looking fantastic!

  • Nina

    Super cute outfit and I’m loving those boots, I’ve always wanted boots that go that high up but i can never find boots that ever fit over my big calves. I can’t believe those boots are payless, I haven’t seen any boots like those before. They look are too cute!


  • Katy Potaty

    I love that you wear that necklace a lot – it’s like it’s your signature piece!

  • This outfit is all kinds of awesomeness. I have a top almost exactly like that except the lace part on mine is white, and they are SO flattering.

  • neysha machnig

    Love it!!!! I want that belt

  • Oh my…. gorgeous!

  • Thank you xox

  • It’s a city chic belt!

  • They are, and so comfy! I have a similar one in a pale purple that I love!

  • Hahah, I guess it is! It just seems to go with everything!

  • I love them so much I actually bought 2 pairs! I have trouble finding ones that fit around my calves, but the back of these are a stretch material, kind of like a scuba diving suit, means they stretch to fit!

  • Hehe thank you sweety!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Oh, i’m not exactly sure how long it is, but it’s pretty short! I’m about 5″5 and it sits shorter then any of my other skirts or dresses.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • I must remember to take some detail pics, its actually metal rings all joined together with leather.

  • Thank you sweety!

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you!

  • The tights are amazing! I’ve worn them 3 times now 😛 I have a feeling they will be getting a lot of wear!

  • Thank you!

  • Aww, thank you!

  • ezmae reid

    Your like a little goth pixie or something, so darn cute! I mean so darn edgy and leathery! 🙂

  • Great to know, thank you.

  • Amazing! This such a dreamy outfit. Kicking myself for not keeping that skirt, but I think it looks way better on you. But yeah, lace, leather, stocking, knee high boots….. oh my! ;P

  • I love necklaces that go with a lot! I agree with Ezmae, you’re rocking a goth pixie look. Love it.

  • Ian K

    Awesome look….