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Outfit – Caped VBO


It’s weird, I like to think of this blog as a ‘body acceptance’ blog, I’m fat, I like who I am & I don’t have too many body issues. I am me. Yet I still find it hard to embrace the VBO*. I see Rachele rocking hers and I think “damn she looks amazing!”. I’m scared, I’ve been layering my body con dresses, i’m taking baby steps.

I actually debated sharing these photos, but after looking at them a couple of times, and seeing all the amazing ladies who do rock VBO I decided to just go for it. I’ve shown off my belly in a crop top and underwear (here), why can’t  I do it in a tight dress? I felt good, I think I looked pretty good & if anyone can accept seeing my belly, I’m sure it’s people who read my blog.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who dresses up now and then to try on new outfits? I didn’t go out wearing this, I just wanted to figure out some styling options for my new Galaxy Cape! Yes! I AM IN LOVE! It’s reversabe, one side black, the other an awesome galaxy print. It also has a hood!


I kind of feel like some kind of superhero wearing it! It is so swishy and the motion it makes when you walk. I can just imagine someone wearing it in a movie, they walk in slow motion and it just billows out behind them. Yep. Love.


Dress – Suzanne Grae | Cape – Black Milk | Shoes – Wanted | Body Harness – Made by me 🙂


 *VBO – Visible Belly Outline