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    Aussie Curves – Leggings

    This weeks Aussie Curves theme was ‘Leggings’. Super easy. I am a huge lover of leggings. This outfit is basically a more snazzy version of what I wear everyday. Leggings  a tunic. So comfortable. These are probably my most comfortable pair of leggings, they are made of the most divine material, a stretchy silky leopard print that feels almost like a second skin! LEGGINGS – c/o The Carpenters Daughter TUNIC – City Chic SHOES – I honestly can’t remember, I think payless shoes.

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    MBFWA – Day 5 outfit

    I was sent a few amazing things from my favourite New Zealand designer The Carpenters Daughter & decided I HAD to wear this dress. It’s just so gorgeous in person, in fact, Dani liked it so much she tried it on too. After having to get it taken up slightly came the hard decision of “What should I wear underneath!?”. At one stage I ended up telling my mother I was just going to go in my underwear. My black slip just felt to bland, so when I found this purple short slip under one of my other dresses, I instantly knew, that’s it! Originally I had planned to wear my black bra,…

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    Weekly Wishlist

    With Fashion Week only a few weeks away, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear. This is the first time i’ll be attending shows for the blog, and i’m both excited and a little nervous. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR!? So, this weeks Weekly Wishlist is a showcase of things i’d certainly like to wear!! DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Faux Fur Jacket – $149.95 MOLLINI – Again Black – $159.95 ALIAS MAE – Rogue Black – $129.95 DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Zig Zag Dress – $79.95 CITY CHIC – Kiss Me Skater Dress in Jewel- $99.95 THE CARPENTERS DAUGHTER – Straight Tracey Pant – $189.00 NZ ASAP – Round Toe Sandals –…

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    Weekly Wishlist!

    ASOS CURVE – Lavender Skinny Jeans – $51.90 Winter is coming! (I love Game of Thrones). I’m not a pants person, and i’m certainly not a jeans person, but I’ve been learning to think outside the box and embrace things I never thought I would. I mean, it’s certainly worked with trying to add colour to my wardrobe! ETSY – Tardis Brooch – $8 It’s the tardis and it’s a brooch, I think that explains it all really! SOLES – Boot this Black Silver Star –  $159.95 I love the Soles boots that I have, they are so comfortable. These would go with more then the ones I currently have, plus silver…

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    Current Inspiration.

    I got a fair amount of positive feedback about my last ‘Current Inspiration‘ post. I always find myself saving images that I love, so I figured I may do one of these inspiration posts once a month to unload some of the images. Everytime The Carpenters Daughter post a new pic on facebook, I find myself right click-saving. To me, they are layering perfection! Blonde Bedhead. Ms Fitz One of the annoying things about the internet is often credit gets lost from places. I’ve added what links I know, others you may find on my Tumblr or Pinterest boards. If you know where an image has come from, or if it is yours, please let me…