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MBFWA – Day 5 outfit

May 22, 2012

I was sent a few amazing things from my favourite New Zealand designer The Carpenters Daughter & decided I HAD to wear this dress. It’s just so gorgeous in person, in fact, Dani liked it so much she tried it on too. After having to get it taken up slightly came the hard decision of “What should I wear underneath!?”. At one stage I ended up telling my mother I was just going to go in my underwear.

My black slip just felt to bland, so when I found this purple short slip under one of my other dresses, I instantly knew, that’s it! Originally I had planned to wear my black bra, but it kept popping out and well, didn’t look the best, so I asked what Dani thought about the pink. I think the peek of pink showing kind of tied in with the other pink details of the outfit. It made it look like it was all part of the outfit, rather then ‘oh, your bra is showing’.

  • DRESS – c/o The Carpenters DaughterPartee Dress in Navy
  • PETTICOAT – From some other random dress.
  • BRA – Slimform from Best & Less
  • SHRUG – City Chic
  • BELT – ASOS Curve
  • SHOES – A store in New Zealand

A trusted little shrug over the top to add more colour, and to cover my arms. Yeah, my arms are still one thing i’m learning to love about myself. Plus, as we were out pretty late on Friday it helped provide a litttttle bit of warmth. Oh, and of course a belt to define my waist a little. I also had strands of sequins in my hair, which you can kind of make out.

All photos in the post are by Danimezza. Also a HUGE thank you to The Carpenters Daughter for the clothes. <3

  • Very cute! Love the dress and the shoes. Sheer with underwear showing is something I like on others but haven’t tried myself. Not sure if I ever will, but it looks good on you!

  • There aren’t enough words to even BEGIN to describe how much I love your outfit. And those SHOES! Those glorious SHOES! 

  • Oh my god, that dress is GORGEOUS. You look absolutely lovely.

  • LOVE that sheer dress!
    You look gorgeous.

  • Love the dress and pink accents. You look wonderful. 🙂

  • Sam.

    Loving this look! Fantastic photos, you look gorgeous xx

  • Carla

    You look gorgeous!! xx

  • Nat you look amazing!!! I so wish you were coming to FFWeek 🙁 You have such amazing style xxx

  • Thank you! I kind of want to take a series of photos with just some awesome lingerie underneath, but don’t know if I’d have the courage. I think the half slip underneath gives it something different then the full slip. It helped show off the colour and beauty of the dress too.

  • Those are New Zealand shoes!!! One of my favourite I bought over there and only like $15nz!! 😀

  • Thank you!! I’m slightly in love with the dress myself!

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you, i’ve been loving my bright pink accessories as of late!

  • Thank you!

  • Aw, thank you sweety! xo

  • I wish I was going too! Hopefully next year! With Frodo having just had the $3000 operation and needing another $1000 there is just no way I can do it. 🙁

  • Your shoes are always amazing. What a pity! I live in Italy and you can’t take me suggestions about your favourite shoe stores. A kiss from far far away

  • I know 🙁 thinking about the little man. Big hugs!

  • oh sweet jesus, those shoes are incredible

  • I love the cheeky peek of pink bra!  It looks fab!