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Westfield Styling with Donny Galella

Okay, i’ll admit it, when it comes to ‘stylists’ I often put my fingers in my ears and make a “lalalalala” sound. No, it’s not because I believe I have style coming out the wazoo, or because I don’t believe in stylists, it’s more the fact that most of the times I’ve listened to stylists talk it’s all about “Put on a good pair of spanx and  hide away your body”. I just can’t get behind that.

Bloggers doing what bloggers do best, social media! Dani & Caitlin

The Saturday after fashion week, Dani was invited to a Style Session show at Westfield Eastgardens, she scored some extra tickets for Caitlin and I to tag along. Whilst I’m admitting things, I’ll let you know, I had no idea who Donny Galella was. All I figured out was that he had worked with Westfields and Gok Wan, and of course I know all about my Fairy Gokmother. It certainly sparked my interest and I’m glad I went because I think i’ve finally seen a stylist at work that has made me want to get up and hi-5 the man.

I know personally, I have a bit of an eclectic style but I do believe I have some sense of style. A lot of things that were said rang true to things I already knew, but I picked up a few tips and tricks. I just had a great time sitting back and watching Donny perform make overs to key wardrobe items. How to take a LBD from day to night, corporate or funky. I did have a piece of paper that listed all the items shown, but for the life of me, I can’t find it. I fell in love with one of the scarves, it was like a colourful rainbow of scarf perfection!

It was fun sitting next to Caitlin, we go for total opposite colour palettes, but i’m slowly learning to think outside of my ‘summer’ box, we’d often kind of look at each other and be like “that’s so awesome”. Many many years ago, I would only ever dress is black and red, sometimes grey would pop into my wardrobe but I had a strict black & red colour palette. The 2 above red & black outfits made my heart ache for the days when I had such a streamlined wardrobe. Oh so good.

Make up artist Rae Morris also gave a talk, which was super fun & interesting to watch. I can be a little hoitey toitey when being told what you ‘should and shouldn’t do’ be it fashion or make up, but some of the tips and tricks she shared was very inspiring. I have to say, she she had THE MOST AMAZING pair of shoes on, and I’m slightly in love with her range of make up brushes! (Note: I’m a beauty school drop out and one thing that was drilled into me was the importance of the right ‘tool’ to create the ‘art’.) Caitlin was pulled up on stage as Rae demonstrated a super easy way to make eyes appear bigger, it worked!

Have you ever been to see a stylist?