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Weekly Wishlist

April 15, 2012

With Fashion Week only a few weeks away, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear. This is the first time i’ll be attending shows for the blog, and i’m both excited and a little nervous. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR!? So, this weeks Weekly Wishlist is a showcase of things i’d certainly like to wear!!

  • DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Faux Fur Jacket – $149.95
  • MOLLINI – Again Black – $159.95
  • ALIAS MAE – Rogue Black – $129.95
  • DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Zig Zag Dress – $79.95
  • CITY CHIC – Kiss Me Skater Dress in Jewel- $99.95
  • THE CARPENTERS DAUGHTER – Straight Tracey Pant – $189.00 NZ
  • ASAP – Round Toe Sandals – $133

  • All of the shoes are amazing! *_* Really love the colours of the pieces you’ve picked out here!

  • I’m really loving colour as of late!

  • omg! I want it all!! Except the floral pants, I don’t think I could pull them off lol