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    Aussie Curves – Dark

    This weeks Aussie Curves theme was ‘DARK’. Now that’s something I could do. As a teen, I was constantly called ‘goth’, I dyed my hair black, liked spikes and cuffs, wore my Dr Marten boots with my school uniform, so yeah, I guess you could have called me goth. I wore a lot of black because that was avilable to me, as a plus size teen I didn’t have many options. I think that is one of the reasons why I love fashion so much these days. It’s funny how we grow and evolve. This obviously isn’t something I’d wear everyday. Yes, I’d wear elements of this outfit, but as…

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    Teja Jamilla Tights – Sizing Info

    I don’t remember how I originally stumbled across Teja Jamillas hand printed tights, I just remember being surprised that they went up to a size that would fit me. I ordered them straight away, not knowing what size would fit better, tights can be tricky, I ordered 2 different sizes. When they arrived, I had fractured my foot  couldn’t wear them with my boot, but I busted them out for MBFWA (HERE) and they went down a treat. PLEASE NOTE: Apart from the 3rd photo down (with the site text on it) these photos have only been re-sized and sharpened. I have not edited them in away, not even to colour correct…

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    Weekly Wishlist

    With Fashion Week only a few weeks away, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear. This is the first time i’ll be attending shows for the blog, and i’m both excited and a little nervous. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR!? So, this weeks Weekly Wishlist is a showcase of things i’d certainly like to wear!! DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Faux Fur Jacket – $149.95 MOLLINI – Again Black – $159.95 ALIAS MAE – Rogue Black – $129.95 DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Zig Zag Dress – $79.95 CITY CHIC – Kiss Me Skater Dress in Jewel- $99.95 THE CARPENTERS DAUGHTER – Straight Tracey Pant – $189.00 NZ ASAP – Round Toe Sandals –…

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    City Chic & Damn You Alexis!

    I’ve talked about my love of Damn You Alexis clothing before. The plus size clothing designer Megan makes some amazing statement pieces & now she’s teamed up with City Chic with 4 5 (Thanks for that info Teer!) amazing dresses! My favourite would have to the above blue dress! The colour & fabric, devine! I’d pair it with a pleather jacket & booties! I’m also a huge fan on the above left dress. Photography by Danimezza & Lisa Law

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    Dream Outfit!

    SINGLET – Damn You Alexis – $49 BELERO – Style369 – £19.50 SKIRT – Damn You Alexis – $429 SOCKS – Torrid – $12 BANGLES – Evans – £15.00 BAG – Forever21 – $17.80 SHOE – JC via Solestruck – $159.96 I have no idea where I would wear this outfit. A little glam rock, a little spaceman pulling influences from my God, DAVID BOWIE! How would YOU style the ‘Damn You Alexis’ Space Skirt?