Weekly Wishlist!

  • ASOS CURVE – Lavender Skinny Jeans – $51.90
    Winter is coming! (I love Game of Thrones). I’m not a pants person, and i’m certainly not a jeans person, but I’ve been learning to think outside the box and embrace things I never thought I would. I mean, it’s certainly worked with trying to add colour to my wardrobe!
  • ETSY – Tardis Brooch – $8
    It’s the tardis and it’s a brooch, I think that explains it all really!
  • SOLES – Boot this Black Silver Star –  $159.95
    I love the Soles boots that I have, they are so comfortable. These would go with more then the ones I currently have, plus silver stars!
  • WINDSOR SMITH – Naughty Yellow Platform Brogue – $189.95
    I have a weird fascination with yellow shoes, it started in High School. These appeal to me on so many levels. 
  • THE CARPENTERS DAUGHTER – The Captains Jacket$279.00nz Currently on sale for $100nz!
    This has been on my wishlist for ages, around 6 months now, and look at the price of it now! *is considering buying it* 
  • JB HIFI – Straight to you CD – $19.99
    I was able to watch some of this on TV when I was in Adelaide. I LOVE Nick Cave and i’m such a cover whore. 
  • YOURS – Heart stockings –  £8.00
    I live in stockings in Winter, and these are just super cute! 
  • CITY CHIC – Surprise Back Shirt – $69.95
    I noticed this in store on Monday and promptly fell in love with it. Please be mine! 
  • FOREVER21 – Mesh Union Jack Top – $19.80
    It’s a Union Jack, duh! Of course I want it! I’m still lusting after THIS cardi too.
  • AVENUE – Coloured Slim Leg Jean – BluePink – $54.00
    Jeans! In colours! I nearly bought these the other day, until I noticed how much shipping was going to cost me. 
  • DOMINO DOLLHOUSE – PunKtuation Dress – $69.99
    As a graphic/web designer, I tend to be a bit of a typography nerd. This exclamation mark dress just, well, it does it for me!