OOTD – Domino Dollhouse Dress Ups!

You ever have those days when, even though you aren’t leaving the house or doing anything special, you still want to dress up? I do. I’ve been pretty house bound since hurting my foot, and to be honest, i’ve been lazing around in my pjamas more then normal. I decided I needed to get up, shower and dress up in something fun and inspiring. What better way then to dress up in my pretty Domino Dollhouse dress.

I purchased this dress in the 2nd round of pre-sales, when I was in New Zealand, as a treat to myself. However, my niece borrowed it before I got the chance to wear it & I realised I haven’t showed it off on the blog yet. I paired it with my black Domino Dollhouse petticoat (Seriously guys, BEST petticoats EVER! I also have it in teal and constantly need to stop myself buying them in EVERY colour!) like they styled it in the original promo pictures for the dress.

  • DRESS – Domino Dollhouse
  • PETTICOAT – Domino Dollhouse
  • SHRUG – A $5 store in Adelaide
  • BELT – ASOS Curve
  • FLOWER CROWN – Sportsgirl
  • SHOES – K-Mart

I’m in love with the newest Domino Dollhouses collection ‘Rebel Rebel‘. They have an exclamation point dress, DO WANT!