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Outfit of my Sydney 30th Birthday Party!

Last Sunday I celebrated my 3oth birthday again, this time in Sydney. It was wonderful to celebrate with my parents, siblings, some of my nephews and one niece, as well as friends. I decided this time around I’d have it at The Hogs Breath, and we even had our own room, named ‘The Pig Pen’.


I’m actually wearing a City Chic dress I bought and wore for my 27th birthday! It’s such a timeless piece that you will probably find me wearing it in future birthdays! Of course, I had to jazz the black up with lots of glitter!


This was the first time I’ve worn heels out since I broke my foot late last year.┬áThese are by far my fave heels, and not just for the wow factor, but because they are a great height. They’re actually pretty comfy for heels!

bday-syd-044 bday-syd-05

Yep, I even sprinkled glitter in my hair! Let me tell you, I was scratching my hair for days and getting glitter under my nails! Totally worth it though!


Dress – City Chic || Shoes – ASOS || Belt – Dorothy Perkins
Earrings – I can’t remember, sorry!


What did you wear on your last birthday?