What in my bag? The boring edition!

I have a fair few bags (See HERE, and that’s not all of them!), I’m the kind of person who loves a BIG bag that will fit everything, often including the kitchen sink in it. However, as of late, I had to downsize, due to my back/foot injuries and now carry a smaller bag that can be worn across body. I decided to do a ‘What’s in my bag‘ post to show what little I carry around these days.

Wallet – Envelope which holds important documents/laybys – Pain Killers – Mascara – Buisness cards – Video recorder – Digital Camera – Glasses Case – Card holder – Keys.

At the start of this year I got rid of my much loved Iron Fist Zombie wallet, as it was dying a slow horrible death. I replaced it with this butter soft leather wallet by Lily Rose. It was originally $80 but I snagged it on sale for $30, it’s the most gorgeous lilac colour. The Digital Camera is only a new addition, I snagged it on sale. I hated not having a camera, but couldn’t afford to buy a DSLR, so I picked up just a small okay quality camera to keep in my bag. I just need to pick up some memory for it and read the manual! I carry my old glasses in my bag, as I don’t wear glasses inside, I sometimes forget to pick them up to put them on when I leave. These are my back up, just in case!

NOT SHOWN – My mobile phone. And sometimes my iPod or iPad.