Mid year Lustlist!

Ahh, Lustlists! To think I used to do these at least once a month. Now it’s a few times a year. In fact, my last one was over 6 months ago! I admit, it does feel weird to be doing one in the middle of *waves hands around* what’s happening in the world atm. I realise though that some people have more time up their sleeve, some small business need customers more than ever and some people have the money to buy stuff. So, here is what i’ve had my eye on recently.

Links marked with a * is an affiliate link.

Arista Ruffle Skater Dress – Lunatics – $99au – AUstore – Sizes XS-XXL & Custom || Honestly, keep watching Lunatics! They’re a small brand with a big heart! All their garments are made in house! I used to own a pair of leggings by Fanny YEARS ago & they were *chefs kiss*. Plus they do custom sizing! They’re also offering some great looking face masks. I think I need the Ursula pack.

Frankie Cats & Dogs Dress – Little Party Dress – $69.95au – AUstore – sizes 6-22 || Do me a favour and go and look at the print on this dress up close! It’s dogs and cats! SO CUTE! I have another dress from LPD and I get complimented every time I wear it. (See it here)

Heavens Above Heel – Irregular Choice – $269.00 $215 – AUstore/UK brand || These are my dream shoes, they are ME. So me. Rainbow dinosaurs! They’re on sale and they only have a 38 left (I tend to be 38/39). I wannnnts them! You can also find them in a 37/38 at Shoefun.

Olive Rainbow Glasses – WhereLight – $18.95us – Chinese store? || I have a few glasses from wherelight and honestly, I love them. They’re what I can afford. You probably already know how much I love rainbow glasses and I really want to add these to my collection.

Pop Clips – Pop Jewels – $10 – AUstore || I want alllll the Pop Clips & whilst I’m at it, all the Pop Jewels. It’s no secret, I’m a bit of a Pop Jewels addict. I have the silver and pink clips, with the light pink clips on their way. I also want the Blue, Red, Berry Pink, Multicolour Black and Purple. So, like, nearly all of them.

Ghostbusters Slimer Dress – Cakeworthy via Truffle Shuffle – $57.96us – UKstore/USbrand – Size S/3xl || Who you gonna call!? How cool is this dress! I adore so many things Cakeworthy do but sadly they don’t ship to Australia! Luckily a few of their stockists do. Honestly, I’m still sad I missed out on their Nana bag.

Dinosaur Twinset – Bonsai Kitten – $72 – AUstore – Sizes 8-24 || Gosh am I just wanting to wear ALL the dinosaurs hey! Haha! But this underwear set is adorable! It’s also available in pink!

Sir Didymus & Ambrosius Brooch -Daisy Jean Designs – $45au – AUstore || Labyrinth is my all-time favourite movie and I would collect everything to do with it if I could! DJD latest collection is a Labyrinth one and my favourite is the Sir Didymus & Ambrosius brooch. You don’t see a lot of Sir Didymus, let alone with Ambrosius!

Hear Me Roar Set – Top $109.95 – Leggings $69.95 – Taking Shape – AU –  Sizes 12-24 || Kitty cats! This set is just so fun,  though expensive! I could not justify it, even with afterpay. I wish I could though, cause I would rock the shit out of it!

My Little Anarchy Tee – Lunatics – $39.95au – AUstore – Sizes XS-4XL || I mean, this is just the cutest! An Anarchy Pony with “fuck you I won’t do as you tell me”. Perrrfect!

Dancing Through the Dark Overalls – BillieLovedays – $120 – AUstore – Sizes 4-30 || How cute are these overalls!? I love the print! I don’t actually own any overalls these days, but I love pinafores. This print also comes in a dress, which I adore as well.

Little Foot – Irregular Choice @ Shoefun – $270au – AUstore/UK brand || Another dream shoe, I’d probably wear these more than the Heavens Above. But also more expensive. Pink. Sequins. Dinos. Yep, if you look close, they are dinos sticking out from the shoe. They kind of match my hair!

Pusheen Pterodactyl Plush – Pusheen @ Beserk – $49.95 – AUstore || So, my favourite Dinosaur are Pterosaurs, though I know it’s technically not a dino. I know. Anyway, HOW CUTE IS THIS PLUSH!? I’d seen the Stego one before, but by golly do I want this one! So cute!

Hotshot chunky mesh heeled sandals* – ASOS – $80.00 $36.00 – UK || Okay, I probably don’t need more shoes, but do I want them? Yes. These just make me think of the shoes I would have loved to own as a Teen, when I was dreaming of being a Spice Girl.

Paw Prints Crossbody Bag* – Dooney & Bourke @ Disney – $228.00us – USstore || I’ve only found out about this whole collection. Dooney & Bourke have released several Disney Dogs bags over the year and no joke, I want them all! I didn’t think the perfect bag existed until now! It has my FAVE Disney character on it!

Prestige Pink Laptop – MSI (can be found on Scorptec & Mwave) – $2,599.00 || My laptop is starting to be, well, a little dodgy. It just marked its 4th birthday and has served me well. I am in no position to buy a new laptop, but if I did, this would be top of my list. The specs are good, but ngl, the pink just gets my heart pumping!

Hi Vis Liquid Eyeliner* – Barry M @ ASOS – $10au – UK || This colour “Charged up” looks so good! I really want alllll the hi-vis collection*. I’m really hoping that Beautynext get these in!

Dinosaur Heart Bib Skater Pinafore – Bonsai Kitten – $89 – AUstore – Sizes 8-24 || So cute, so so so so so cute! I love pinafores, they’re so good for all seasons. Of course, Dinosaurs. Seems to be a theme of this lustlist, hey!

What’s at the top of your wishlist atm?