Lustlist! November edition!

Hi! Hello! It’s time for another Lustlist! My last one was in July and I’m still lusting after everything on it, well, except the teddy pinafore because that’s now in my closest! YES! It seems I’m being drawn to skirts right now. The weather is getting warmer and I am here for it!
Items with a * at the start are from Australian stores. 

  • Dolls KillMiss Wicked Scholar Pleated Skirt – $36.88au || Summer is on it’s way and and I can’t find one of my favourite skirts, so I’m hunting for a new summer fave! 
  • * The IconicHaus of Dizzy Merry Xmas Earrings – $39au || HOD is now being sold on The Iconic! I adore everything HOD designs and I’d gladly have one of everything, but these tickle my fancy! (Plus you’re supporting an Indigenous Australian Woman!)
  • * Best & LessAsymetrical Button Skirt – $12au || I kind of want everything in their new Summer Breeze collection but this skirt is at the top of the list!
  • Dolls KillYour Lonely Antics Pleated Skirt – $70.81au || Again, skirt! I obviously have a thing for black pleated skirts, aye?
  • * Blossom & CatSpooky Cat Leopard Earrings – $19au || I’m an earring fiend. Serisouly. These are so cute and ON SALE!
  • ASOSConverse Mini Sequins – $150au || My housemate has converted me to the church of Converse. I have one pair, but I want a dozen. These ones call to me being sequined and all!
  • * 17 SundaysZiggy Tee – $60au  || 17 Sundays are a local Melbourne brand and they make the most devine everday wear. I have a top from them that is one of the softest tees I own. This obvioulsy being inspired by Bowie just makes me want it even more. WANT!
  • *Blossom & CatMr Meowie Glitter Dangle Earrings – $32au || Earrings + Bowie + Cat = MUST HAVE! 
  • * Irregular ChoiceRain or Shine shoes – $189 || I don’t neeeed these, but that’s why this is a Lustlist. How pretty are these!? I could spend a fortune on IC shoes, I have one pair that are super precious to me. I just love the colour and style of these. 
  • * Irregular ChoiceDalonyx Dinosaur Bag – $199au || I mean, this bag is just me. Dinosaurs and sparkles! I love that it can be a backback or over the shoulder. I adore the Tonkasauras Rex bag (that name!) too, but feel the Dalonyx would get more use.
  • * EtsyMoxieLou Ludo Brooch – $55au || Mmmhmm, yep. Labyrinth is my all time favourite movie. I can quote it line for line. Ludo is one of my favourite characters and this brooch is just so precious!
  • * ConverseAll Star Shiny Low Top Silver – $70 || Again with the converse, this time from their offical Aussie store and ON SALE! 
  • Hot TopicLoungefly Peter Pan bag – $59.90us || I don’t have a green bag and for some reason i’m being drawn to autumn colours lately. All the colours my Mum loves. The colour of this, plus the fact it’s Peter Pan, another fave of mine had me bookmarking this quicksmart!
  • * Karla ColaPete Cromer Flock Yeah Dress – $175au || I LOVE PETE CROMER. There, I said it. I own a whole lot of his collab stuff with Maxwell Williams and I almost cried when I saw his designs on dresses! The Flock Yeah dress is by far my fave!
  • SheinBuckle Asymetrical skirt – $21.95 || Just, cute!
  • * ZingDanielle Nicole Hufflepuff Handbag – $88au || I’ve been dreaming of owning a Danielle Nicole bag for what seems like years. I adore this Hufflepuff one as it’s not over the top obvious it’s a Harry Potter bag! Plus, Aussie store Zing now stocks a range of her designs! 
  • * Bon MaxieMega Earrings Stand – $65au || All those earrings I mentioned, well, they need a home! I love the look of the Bon Moxie earring stands! Very practical!
  • Pretty Little ThingSnake print dressSnake print blazer || This is just beautiful! I love the colour, I love the print, I love the dress & blazer combo! Yes, it gives me clueless vibes, but I am totally here for it!

You can see more over on my Pinterest Wishlist.

What would you choose?
What are you lusting over atm?