A collage of different items from Australian stores

Christmas Lustlist (Shop Local Australia)

It’s heading towards Christmas time, so I thought I should do a round-up of some things I’d love for Santa to drop off. This year, I’m focusing on shopping for local Australian brands and small businesses.

  • Billsons2023 Advent Calender – $160 || This one is a bit different for me as I don’t drink very often. I have some of Billsons cordials and I’ve tried a few of their vodka mixes and well, I kind of want to try them all! What better way to try some, than the advent calendar? I may just end up getting a mixed box one day.
  • Mermaid SalonMother of Hades Darling Necklace – $38.95 || I’ve had the online alias of Natatree Darling for soooo long now, that I feel this necklace is a must have for me! I have the Unfortunate Souls one!
  • Proud PoppyNova Dress in Kasey Rainbow Electric Leopard – $109.95 || Kasey Rainbows Electric Leopard print may just be my favourite print to exist EVER. I love the cut and style of this dress and just, get it on my body NOW kthanx!
  • Ella MobbsFrenchie Dog Mirror – $70 || Hi, my name is Natalie and I’m a little addicted to Ella Mobbs art. So much, I have some permanently inked on my skin. I loooove the mirrors she’s released and this guy is such a cutie. I also LOVE this Furby one, but wanted to keep the picture PG!
  • Hungry DesignsFlotsam & Jetsam Earrings – $44.55 || I realised the other day i’m lacking in Ursula themed earrings and I think these ones are perfect. I love the idea of wearing my Ursula clothing and then finishing it off with Flotsam and Jetsam earrings!
  • DangerfieldStay Creepy Dress – $88 || Is it cheating to put things on my wishlist from my own work? I don’t know, but I’m eyeing this dress! It’s adorable!
  • Mighty ApeLoungeFly Peter Pan Bag – On Sale $76.48 || ¬†Also, this Beetlejuice bag is on sale and very awesome too!
  • We are Golden HourSkylar Pants – $98 || How comfy do these pants look!? And the print! I’m not a huge fan of pants, but I feel these would be the kind that I would live in!
  • Vanessa BowenApple Pies and Other Lies: a critical look at sexuality in teen movies from the nineties and noughties. – $22 || Squeeee! OMG! I KNOW HER! So, Vanessa and I have known each other for sooo long now and I was super duper excited (& really proud) when she announced she was having a book published! I keep meaning to buy it, but at the end of every fortnight when I have a little money to play with, I keep forgetting to get it! But I will, and YOU SHOULD TO!
  • Poodle & PeachMermaid Love Kitty Earrings – $45 || You know how I mentioned I love Ella Mobbs artwork, well, one of her friends has some amazing accessories. These earrings are top of my list because that is what my tattoo is! Also loving the WAP earrings!
  • Estori Bryce Quinlan’s Love Ring¬†$67.00 Silver/10 || Not gonna lie, I think i’m really leaning into Cresent City being some of my fave books, I’m thinking it may outrank ACOTAR at the moment, so this ring is really speaking to me. I also really love the Suriel Tarot Pendant. I already have the Siphon necklace and half pearl necklace and they are beautiful!
  • SephoraOne/Size eyeliner – $31 || Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask in Gummy Bear – $31 || ds
  • A Touch Of Magic DesignsLele & Jelly Shelfie || As mentioned before, LOVING Cresent City and I want to start collecting some Shelfies to go along with my favourite series. This Lele and Jelly one is just so cute and precious!
  • PaypalAny amount || I’ve been trying to get a tattoo every six months and usually put my Christmas or Birthday money towards it, but won’t have much funds to do so this year, so that would probably go to that! Or buying something from on here. You can let me know!

Please make sure if you order, that you check stores’ Christmas delivery options and cut-offs. Some may have already passed. Remember small businesses can sometimes just be one person! That shouldn’t stop you from ordering as a treat for yourself at a later date.

If you want to get me a present, you can see some things on my Youpay wishlist! Don’t forget to check out some of my previous lustlists too!

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas Tree?