City Chic Black Friday Lustlist

Lustlist time! As it’s coming up to Black Friday my inbox is being pummeled by all these sales emails. I’m trying very very very hard to resist. I went and checked out what City Chic was offering and thought I would share what caught my eye. I haven’t shopped with CC in ages. In all honesty, I can’t afford their clothing when it’s full price, but will sometimes pick something up in a sale. They do have afterpay now which is nice. 

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V Mesh Maxi Dress – black – $89.95 $60.00 || I’m living in a warmer climate and closer to beaches, so I need to stock up on some beach wear. The thing about this and some of the other items, I could totally see me incorporating this into other everyday outfits!

Mesh Knot Top – black – $59.95 $40.00 || I think this is my favourite out of all the net styles. This would look so good thrown on over, or under, a short sleeve dress. Under a pinafore. Over a costume.

Mesh Mini Dress – black – $89.95 $60.00 || Another cute one to throw over a costume! My new place is in an estate that has a swimming pool for owners and renters that live in the area!

Sexy Plunge 1 Piece – lime – $99.95 $60.00 || This costume. THIS COSTUME! *fans self* I love it so much. The colour, the cutouts! WANT!

Crop Teddy Jacket – khaki – $89.95 $50.00 || I don’t need any more jackets, again, living in a warmer climate, but how cute it this! For some reason, I’m really loving Autumn colours at the moment.

Party Crochet Dress – black – $89.95 60.00 || Again, another fun throw over! Comes in a few different colours too!


Perry Knee Boot – olive – $119.95 $50.00 || I would be buying these boots if my size was left! Sadly they only have larger sizes. If you have a 40* foot, be sure to check out their boots on sale! (They’re actually $40 at the moment, some items have an extra 20% off once they’ve been added to cart)

French Kiss Dress – black – $129.95 $70.00 || How cute is this! I love the flouncy skater skirt, the sheer sleeves, the cute little bow!

Antonia Maxi Dress – black – $199.95 $120.00 || I’ve admired this dress in-store before. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful dresses! I don’t have anywhere to wear it but that doesn’t stop me loving it!

Lace Violet Dress – ruby – 189.95 $119.00 || City Chic really do nail it when it comes to fancy dresses. I love the fitted silhouette with the fishtail with the cute off the shoulders sleevelettes. 

Mystic Lace Dress – emerald – $179.95 $119.00 || Oh those sleeves! Statement sleeves are a weakness of mine. The colour is stunning too!

Lace Whisper Dress – musk – $169.95 $99.00 || Such a pretty pastel pink! I’m not sure how this colour would go on me, but it just looks so pretty!

Betty Trim Underbust Corset – black – $129.95 $69.97 || Some fun lingerie! I don’t actually own an underbust corset, so i’d be interested to see how they go.

Harley Frayed Hem Jean – orche – $99.95 $50.00 || This is something I love in theory, but probably wouldn’t buy. Well, I might if I was able to try them on first. Me and jeans are not overly friendly. Again, i’m drawn to the colour!

Shirt Detail Dress –  Black – $139.95 $90 || I really love the Khaki version of this dress but the black is so timeless!

Sunlover Maxi Dress – lime – $119.95 $80.00 || Neon green is my favourite green and this is just SO AMAZING! 

Also wanted to point out that this beauty of a dress that was gifted to me a few years ago is on sale too.

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Have you picked up anything in the sales recently?