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Outfit – Burtonesque!


I don’t know what this outfit is, but I felt crappy, I’d been crying and I just felt like getting back into my darker clothing days. I still have a love of black and layers. In the end, I think this outfit came out looking very Tim Burton-y.


I find it weird to see me with pictures of my hair up. I don’t tend to wear it up all that much, and it makes it look even more brunette. Can you believe I’ve been blonde for nearly 5 months!? I miss the colour dearly, but I’m still loving that I don’t have to dye my hair every other week. Oh, and it’s been growing like crazy!


Yeah, I’m wearing leggings as pants! I honestly don’t mind wearing leggings as pants, I know with me personally, I’ll wear them as long as my lady bits are covered. My body shape just doesn’t suit pants, and I’ve found the only things that fit right are leggings, so if I want to wear something on my legs, it tends to be leggings.


 Singlet – Target | Top  – c/o The Carpenters Daughter | Shirt – Crossroads | Jacket – City Chic
Leggings – Supre | Boots – Betts | Random accessories.