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Sportsgirl Shipping = Amazing!

December 8, 2010

I’ve never ordered from the Sporstgirl website before this week, my local shopping center has a store & why pay for shipping when I can just go in store? However, Sportsgirl currently has free Australian shipping & I’d not seen this product in store, so I thought, why not!?

I placed my order at 2pm on Monday, it arrived at Midday today (Wednesday). Not only that, it came so beautifully presented! The docket & return shipping info came in a cute Sportsgirl envelope (I’m guessing they are like what you’d receive if you bought a gift certificate). My item came wrapped multiple times in bubble wrap, & then placed in a tote bag!

I’m also impressed when a company takes the time for presentation! It’s like i’m actually getting a present! The bubble wrap was fascinated with this cute Sportsgirl sticker, which is the first sticker i’ve placed in next years Diary! (NOTE – Sportsgirl, you should totally make this stickers available for purchase! I’d buy them!!)

This is what I bought! It’s a cute StagBuck mirror! What can I say, I’ve always been fascinated with mounted (FAKE!) animal heads! (Adam thinks i’m nuts!) This was on sale for $7.95 and I couldn’t say no!

Mounted on my wall! It comes with double sided velcro dots, but I just used blue tac as we are renting!

The tote bag it came wrapped in! It reads “I like Sportsgirl Best. I want it in every colour xxx, We all love the stripes. Once a Sportsgirl, always sportsgirl!”

Be careful though! I got this crazy cardboard cut from opening the mirrors packaging! OW!

Below are a few things I’m currently loving at Sportsgirl! They have a pop up gift shop in stores at the moment, and whilst I don’t fit a majority of their clothing, I LOVE their accessories & nail polish!

So, if you are looking for a present for a friend or girlfriend, I recommend you checking out sportsgirl! They have free Australian shipping until the 17th!

  • Sarah

    That’s funny. I only just looked at the Sportsgirl site recently because I heard it mentioned they had great accessories! I haven’t bought anything yet but there is lots of good stuff there.

    Unfortunately the shoes are too small for me.

  • Sanjinara

    Beautiful mirror!

  • ringdebell

    omg! you australian chics are SO lucky! i went there like twice! & i rly wna shop there again but they don’t have it here in my country 8′(

  • Emma @ Down to Girth

    After reading this post I went and bought that mirror from sportsgirl online haha

    But guess what – it arrived broken! And so I sent it back and got another one – which also arrived broken! I guess I’m not meant to have one 🙁

    My local store doesn’t stock it either!!