Catching Up & Quick Pics!

I feel like I’m behind on everything! I’ve been light on the blog posts, due to being busy. Me! Busy! It was kind of nice! I also have 105 blog posts on my reader to catch up on! I’m slowly making progress now!

Left, is what I wore when I went and watched Harry Potter! I had to nerd it up! If it was colder I would have worn my Gryffindor jacket! Right, Henry deciding that Mummy is the ultimate play thing!

Friday night was my boyfriends works Christmas party! I wore my loved ASOS Curve lace dress. It was a great night at a pub in Norwood! So much great food & wonderful company!

My make-up! I thought I looked rather pretty actually! My hair now looks really purple, which is pretty cool! I’m happy that the colour is fading in nice colours!

Frodo & Ginny are enjoying these warm days, here they are basking in the late afternoon sun. They are doing pretty well with Henry too, better then I expected in a way!

This photo makes me laugh! It makes me think we should have named him Gandalf, here Henry is beating down on a Uruk-Hai toy! (I had doubles, don’t worry!) I find it amusing what he finds interesting. He loves playing with the box, getting under it, attacking the paper. He also has 2 coke bottles, one filled with rice, the other pasta. Not to mention toilet rolls! I’m sure if I offered my dogs toiler rolls, they’d be offended!

He is hard to get photos of, as he thinks the camera is a great toy! It makes noise, and it has a dangly cord! I’m learning lots about cats already, and I’m so amazed at the range of sounds he can make! He’s been really great so far!!