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I bought a cat… of the REAL variety!

So, you know how I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been wanting a cat, and my boyfriend wasn’t too keen on the idea. Well, I guess fate had a different idea.

I don’t know if it happens with everyone, but with both my dogs, it was love at first site. BAM! I never planned on getting my dogs & I’ve always loved big dogs, but you’ve seen my dogs yes? They are teeny! That’s what happened today.

In a way, I feel guilty, as I did purchase him from a pet store. I’m not really a supporter of pet stores, but as I was walking past I noticed him, in amongst around 12 other kittens, this beautiful white cat! It was just like, I can’t even describe it, but I just wanted to hold him and cry. I sound a little pathetic right!?

I sat in front of the store for half an hour, waiting for Adam to get off work. We talked, I rang my landlord, did the grocery shopping, ate dinner, then went and bought myself my first cat!

I’d like to point out though, it wasn’t exactly a spur of the moment buy. I’ve been researching cats for over a month now & even enquired about one to a breeder a few weeks ago (He was gone by the time I got a reply).

I now have the fun task of introducing him to the dogs! Frodo has lived with a cat before, but Ginny’s only experience was with them when she visited the vet & she was scared. However, this is her turf! So, it will be slowly. Basically, our plan is as follows. We’ve got two different rooms we will be housing the kitten in for the time being, until probably mid January. One will be the permanent place where we will keep his kitty litter. We are going to be swapping blankets between him & the dogs, so they get used to the smell. For the next week, we are going to have them in the same room for around 5 minutes a day. Then maybe longer.

They did have a slight meeting today, so far, the dogs were okay, the kitten hissed. I was told the kitten has been around dogs, and he is okay with them, I think honestly, that today has just been a big day for him.

If you have any tips, tricks, helpful notes, don’t hesitate to comment! As I said, this is my first cat, so I am clueless apart from what i’ve read. I have lived with a cat for around 4 years, but it was my Grandmothers & I didn’t have much to do with him apart from patting him & turning on the tap for him to drink!

He has one green eye, one blue, which several people have mentioned may mean he is deaf in the blue eyes side. I will keep and eye on him & talk to the vet when I take him in for injections & eventually desexing.

Now we just have to decide a name! I wanted Bowie, obviously, because LOOK AT HIS EYES! But Adam said No. He seems to have it in his head he should be named Pinky. Huh? I wanted to name him after a vampire, because he held on so tight at one point his claws pierced my skin and i have two puncture marks on my neck now! So I was thinking maybe Tesla or Jasper. It’s still being debated, but I’ll be sure to let you all know!

Eeeeeeeeee! 😀