I bought a cat! But not of the real variety :(

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen posts about my yearning for a cat. I’ve always grown up around animals, they are my greatest passion & I’ve always been surrounded by animals. I’m finding it slightly hard to only have two babies. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has said a big fat NO to having a cat. Boo!

When I first noticed this jumper on the ASOS website, I didn’t think much of it. Then, every time I went into the sale section of the site & seeing it, it kept growing on me. Finally, I caved in & bought it, at the time it was just under $20au!

After having days of 30°+ days, today came in at 21°! This is perfect for in between days today! It’s sunny, but still cool! The jumper is super light & oh so comfortable! The sleeve length is purrrfect! (Sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

So cute! I’m thinking of naming it Belvedere! Why? Because I can!

One of the reasons why Adam doesn’t want a kitty is because of the little Miss above! Ginny Pig is a little wild. Though whenever she comes across, she’s the biggest wuss ever & hides, in her own territory, we aren’t sure what she’d be like. Frodo is fine with cats, he’s lived with one previously & honestly, Frodo loves everyone. I have done a lot of research into introducing cats in to homes with dogs, & I think Ginny would do alright. Plus, i’m home pretty much 24/7 to watch over them!

Yes, different location for pictures! The bedroom! Couldn’t be bothered setting everything up outside & seeing it’s not really a full OOTD post, I figured why not! This is typical everyday wear for me. In summer is can be anything from pj’s, singlet & boy-shorts to a light dress. Winter usually is tracky-dacks and oversized jumpers!


The next item I wish I could add to my new cat clothing collection would be the rip off Miu Miu heels. I could NEVER afford Miu Miu, but these rip offs would do me fine! You can find them on e-bay when searching for Miu cat inspire. I also love the swallows!