Outfit of the Wayne Brady show!

Last night I was lucky enough to score tickets to see Wayne Brady perform! (Thanks Kylie!). I’ve been a Wayne Brady fan for years now. I remember curling up on the couch of my Sisters city apartment & watching “Who’s Line is it anyway?” many, many years ago!

Wayne didn’t disappoint! I laughed & laughed! Adam, who had no idea who Wayne Brady was, even had a great time! It really was like an hour & a half show of “Who’s Line…” Lots of audience participation, which I was very thankful I had lounge seats up the back, so I wasn’t called on. He is a fantastic singer & his impersonation of Prince was amazing. I’m a huge Prince fan, so that does mean something. My highlight was probably his performance of MC Hammers “Can’t touch this’, changing the lyrics to “wang attack”. Yes, he did the Hammer dance!


So, what did I wear? This wonderful ASOS dress! The weather was hot & rather humid for Adelaide. Add to that, the fact I knew I was going to be in a mid sized venue packed with people, so I wanted something comfortable and not too hot.

When I originally saw this dress on the ASOS site, I honestly didn’t really give it a 2nd look. It looked limp & the pattern meh. Then, whilst browsing through blogs, I came across Fashion Hayley wearing it! It’s amazing how seeing someone else wearing it can change your opinion! How much adding a belt can change the whole dynamic of the dress!


I ended up picking up the dress & the above necklace for around $40au including shipping! The dress is still up at ASOS for $27.58us with free shipping!

DRESS – Asos Curve Clearance
BELT – City Chic
BRACLET – City Chic
SHOES – ???
EYESHADOW – Lime Crime