Sucky at blogging! Plus some quick pics!

I’m so behind on everything. You know when everything just seems to pile on top of each other & then you don’t know where to start? I’m a little like that. To top it off, i’ve been depressed! Buh!

My list of things to do is long. I have design work to do. I have to clean the house & yard ready for Christmas. I have to buy a mattress & set up both guest rooms because my parents are coming to stay for 3 weeks. I have to finish buying Christmas presents, as well as buying food for Christmas, I’m hosting a Christmas lunch for the first time ever. I have the dogs & the kitten to keep working on. I have 2 blogs. It may not seem much, but to me, it’s more then i’m used to!

I was supposed to be working a ‘Sanctuary’ convention tomorrow, but due to money & the fact I got my kitten, I decided not to go. I’m totally bummed about it too as I LOVE Sanctuary, I miss my friends & it was our Christmas party tomorrow night. Oh & 2 years working for The Hub!

Out shopping on Thursday, I noticed this clock, it was the last one left. I expected it to be around $50, but was pleasantly surprised when it was only $19. I bought it.

Henry is doing well! Him & Frodo are getting along, which is fantastic! Frodo likes to lick Henry’s ears & bark A LOT at him. Henry just runs around and plays with him, smacking him at times. Ginny, however, still not a fan.

I’ve been on a make-up kick as of late, and with the Black Friday sales that went on, I caved and FINALLY placed an order at Sugarpill! I’ve been following Amy’s online endeavours for years now, and I’m happy to get to try her make up line!

Super impressed with everything! The products (I bought Poison Plum & Afterpartypressed eyeshadows) are amazing! Super fast shipping to Australia, plus extra bonus goodies! It was wrapped in pink crete paper & came with a postcard, business card & sticker! Not to mention a little note from Amy on the invoice! I love it when companies take the extra time for things like that!

I did my make up, curled my hair & wore something pretty on Thursday for shopping. I was hoping to get a Santa photo with Adam, but alas, wayyy too expensive. $18 for a A5 photo with Santa? I can’t justify that. I’m feeling the loss of my Grandmother hard at the moment. It was a tradition that Nan & I got Santa photos.

More stuff I bought. When i’m depressed, I buy stuff. It’s one of the (better) side effects of my Borderline. I’m usually pretty good, but i’ve been letting it get the best of me lately.

Leaf Cuff & Owl necklace are from Equip. They had a buy one, get one half off. Lipstick from Lime Crime, they have the BEST lipstick! I want My Beautiful Rocketso badly! The skull armband, bracelet & earrings are from ASOS.