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OOTD! Casual & Comfortable!

December 13, 2010

It’s summer here in Australia & the weather has been crazy. In Adelaide we’ve been having crazy storms, which is something I’d expect from my home town of Sydney, but not Adelaide! The weather has been one of the reasons why I’m behind on pretty much everything! We had storms 3 days in a row & I just don’t like having anything on in that weather!

So today, my in-laws came over to help us clean & stuff. They delivered a mattress I bought for one of our spare beds (we had an air mattress on it until today). We loaded up the trailer with old boxes & branches we’ve cut down from out the back. The house is a little cleaner & i’m making progress inside & out. Finally!

Oh hai, it’s my natural face. That above, is me with only mascara & lipstick on. The photo has only been re-sized & sharpened. No editing otherwise. Chin pimple!

  • DRESS – K-Mart – Years ago – Size 26
  • LEGGINGS – Crossroads – Size XXL
  • BELT – Jay Jays – Many years ago!
  • SHOES – K-Mart
  • MASCARA – Bourjois Paris
  • LIPSTICK – Lime Crime – Airborne Unicorn

  • Oh hi, you look so cute and comfortable here and the belt goes really well with the dress! I like the last picture!

  • This is so cute, Love your hair in pigtails.

  • Rai

    you look just stunning without makeup on, so envious! I mean, I don’t wear any but I don’t look anywhere near as good as you! That dress is super cute too ^o^ xx

  • I would totally go strolling in the park with you in that picture darlin!

  • You are so adorable I could just pinch your cheeks =P

  • Aww! You can pinch my cheeks whenever you like, just not too hard 😛

  • Aww <3

  • Thanks sweety! My skin isn’t too bad, I don’t tend to wear foundation often. I want to look into picking up some tinted sunscreen, I burn so easily!

  • Thank you! I’m trying to find ways to wear my hair up that I like, it’s too hot to have it down. It’s this time of year I usually cave & get it all chopped off, but i’m trying super hard to grow it long!

  • Thanks sweety!!