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Monthly Catch Up – May Edition

I know, I’ve been really sucky when it comes to blogging. I’ve lost my mojo. I think I just feel that it doesn’t get read and I don’t want to force it. So I decided that I’m just going to do whatever I feel like! I also thought it was a good idea to do like a Monthly catch up to just share what I’ve been doing when I haven’t done a full dedicated post on something. I’ve been trying to say ‘YES!’ to more opportunities but I’ve also been wanting to stay in the moment and not have my phone in my hands all the time. It doesn’t help my phone actually died either.

Monthly Catch Up - May Edition


Stomp – Mallory invited me along to see Stomp which has a small run in Melbourne at the Comedy Theatre. Overall, I enjoyed the show, the energy and percussion were amazing. I just frustrated with the whole ‘use the chubby guy as comedic relief’ situation. If you’re a lover of percussion/rhythm, I would say that this is def something you should check out.

Disney on Ice Afternoon Tea – OMG! I got to meet Mickey Mouse! YES! Disney on Ice is celebrating 100 years of magic and I was lucky enough to go to the Afternoon Tea celebrating it. I loved seeing Frozen last year and this year will have alllll the characters! I also had the chance to Ice Skate for the first time ever! I didn’t do very good, but I didn’t fall over either! Give me roller blades any day.

Monthly Catch Up - May Edition

The Wolfe Brothers & Lee Kernaghan Concert – Ahhh the things I do for Mallory! I tagged along with Mallory to a Lee Kernaghan concert, I never thought that something like that would happen. Okay, so going to be brutally honest here. I really loved the opening act The Wolfe Brothers. After talking with Mallory and Angela, turns out I like ‘New Country’. I also know I like a lot of bluegrass. I don’t however really like Aussie Country. While I could appreciate the actual music of Lee Kernaghan (and the band), the lyrics had me cringing. But to each their own. I loved the atmosphere, the actual music and the performance, but the lyrics left me hanging a bit.

Adam Brand Concert – I was actually supposed to be at The Mavis’s 20th Anniversary gig that night. I had bought tickets months in advance but when I looked at the setlist, they didn’t go on until MIDNIGHT! I’m too old for that. Plus where it was being held would have been a total mess for getting public transport home at that time of night. So I ended up tagging along with Mallory and Angela to another Adam gig. You can read about my first here. It was a great show, the crowd was a hell of a lot rowdier than the previous gig. They did a cover of ‘Suspicious minds’ which I highly enjoyed.

Monthly Catch Up - May Edition


I’ve had fun playing around with a few new makeup products. Which reminds me, I need to write up about when I met the Kat Von D Makeup Collective. Whoops! I am LOVING the Kat Von D super brow pomade in Roxy Purple.  I’ve been on a bit of a Kat Von D kick at the moment. I love the formulas and colours so much.

Monthly Catch Up - May Edition

I was also super lucky to receive a goody box from Beautynext! I love Barry M products as they offer some great makeup at affordable prices. I remember ordering my first Barry M lipstick from overseas years ago, it was a neon pink. These days you can find them stocked in Australia at Big W. They current have some amazing glitter in store (that I used in THIS look). I’m still playing around with the products, but I have to say the nail polish is FANTASTIC! Like, for the price, i’m REALLY impressed. I painted my nails before I headed out one night, without bottom or top coat and it didn’t chip at all for close to 2 weeks! SAY WHAT!? I know.

Monthly Catch Up - May Edition

Other Things

The Avengers – I don’t go to the movies often, but of course, I had to go see the Avengers. Guh! Not sharing any spoilers, but gosh it was good! I even teared up! I can’t wait for the next one.

Food – This month I headed out to Okami again, this time to the Wantirna location. The food was just as delicious, but service wasn’t as good as what I’m used to from Caulfield. Then again, I went on a Saturday night when I usually go Sunday lunch. It wasn’t bad service though, not at all, just slower than what I’d been accustomed too.

Monthly Catch Up - May Edition

A year since Tonka passed away – Yep, it’s been a year. He passed away on Mothers Day last year, so I had two days this year where I felt a lot more emotional. One of the positive things that has come from his death is that Louis’s and I have grown closer. I’m also so thankful to now have Ripley in my life and so is Louis.

My phone died – Yes, my much loved Nexus Huawei passed away very suddenly whilst I was trying to take photos of a Barbie. I didn’t realise how much I relied on my phone until I didn’t have one. Bus timetables, maps, bank access. I’d been with Virgin for so long now, over 10 years, but they didn’t have a phone I liked at a price I could afford. I ended up moving to Optus and getting the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. So far, so good!

Health – It’s been a bit all over the shop. I’d been having some pains in what I thought was the bladder/kidney area. The doctor thought maybe an infection. After tests it came back all fine, so the next thing is external and internal ultrasound. I’m not looking forward to the internal ultrasound. I’ve had one in the past, over 10 years ago. It was with a male nurse and awkward as hell! It could possibly be something with ovaries and PCOS. All I know is it’s quite uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I’ve lost my appetite too.

What did May hold for you?