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Aussie Curves – Swimwear


Wowza! It’s only halfway through January and already i’m really pushing through some of my personal body issues. I’ve been on like body love/acceptance journey for years, but I still have some insecurities. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but you know what, I’m okay with that.

This is my first Aussie Curves post for the year, i’ve been really slack with it lately, and I really should have jumped back in last week. I mean, I have over 100 pairs of shoes, I’m sure I could have chosen one pair to showcase! Anyway, this weeks theme is Swimwear, so here you go, my first  adult bikini!


Can you believe that this is from Kmart!? Yep! When I heard that they had stocked a plus size bikini set, I ran along to try it out! I have LOVED the ‘fatkini’ trend, and I’m currently going GAGA over Gabi Fresh’s current Swimsuits For All, but I don’t go to the beach/pools enough and I wasn’t sure how confident i’d feel in a bikini. I could never quite commit to spending that much on something I was a bit unsure of, so when I tried these on, I decided to get them. The set cost me $27!


I would have loved if these had a higher waist. I’m honestly not used to showing off my belly so much, but I also figured with this set, I could always invest in just a high waist bottom to match the bikini top!  Oh! The straps are also removable!


So here I am in all my swimwear glory! Lumps, bumps, belly, stretch marks & clothing lines from the pants I had been wearing! All me!


Bikini Top (Size 18c) $12 | Bikini Bottom (Size 20) $15 | IN STORE at Kmart!