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Aussie Curves – Heels


HEELS! I have plenty. I love shoes, I have over 30 pairs & it was hard for me decide what pair to pick for this weeks Aussie Curves challenge. That’s why I had my nephew pick for me!


He chose these cute glitter heels I picked up on sale from Urban Outfitters. They are a great height and I love the effect the diamond like heel creates. I really love the way heels make my legs look, but after fracturing my foot I still find that I can’t wear heels for as long as I used too without a lot of pain. Boo!


I’ve worn an outfit similar to this before on the blog, but hey, I DO repeat outfits, and often. I don’t buy things to only wear once and never again. Though I do enjoy styling things differently and think outside the box at times, I do fall back into ‘old faithful’ combos.

Oh, and the belt i’m wearing is currently on sale for under $6!! Link!


Jacket – City Chic | Top – City Chic | Skirt – ASOS | Belt – ASOS | Shoes – Urban Outfitters

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