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Aussie Curves – Feminine


To be honest, I got a little thrown this time with ‘feminine’. I think feminine is certainly one of those things that can mean different things to different people. I think of myself as a feminine dresser, I like dresses & skirts, lingerie, heels, pretty colours.


I decided to push my boundaries a little and go a little crazy. Yes, that is a shark crop top, and yes, I think I managed to make it look somewhat feminine. Sure, sharks aren’t nessasarily what you’d call feminine, but throw on a pretty pink cardi and some pearls and wa-hey.

NOTE: I wouldn’t actually wear it without the cardigan, like the middle picture, but wanted to show off what it looked like on.


The top was a limited edition Black Milk release. For some reason I was really drawn to the shark pattern (IDK!?) & while I would have loved the long sleeve dress or leggings, I opted for the cheapest, being the crop top. It is SUPER tiny. Like teeny tiny. I think it’s one of the first time in a while I was thankful for having small breasts!


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