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Outfit – Lime Lemon


I remember loving this jacket the moment it went up on the City Chic site, and then even more so when I saw how Fashion Hayley styled it here. However, I have a few rules when buying clothing, I won’t spend over $50 on any current trends or colours. I considered buying the jacket in the black, because well, black is classic and I loved the style, but I was really drawn to the lime colour. Lucky for me, it dropped down to $30 in one of the sales and as they say, the rest is history.


I was actually complimented on it twice when I wore it yesterday! It’s funny cause I never would have thought that this colour would ‘suit’ me, but I know it certainly makes me feel happy. I’ve been missing having colourful hair, so I seem to be making up for it in extra bright clothes.


Top – City Chic | Skirt – ASOS | Shoes – ASOS

Again, sorrrrry for the lack in posting. I’m still getting over my chest infection. I’ve really just been enjoying lazing about and reading.