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Sequined Jacket Love!

June 21, 2012 Fashion Uncategorized

I don’t think i’m ever shy about professing my love of anything that sparkles. Sequins, glitter, jewels, if it’s shiny, i’m going to be drawn towards it. That’s how this sequined bomber jacket ended up in my wardrobe. I picked it up in one of the recent Crossroads sales for $28. It’s not the most comfortable ever, as the whole jacket is cover in sequins, which results in a bit of scraping from the sleeve on to the jacket, but it’s not the kind that will hit against you & scratch your skin.

I’ll try and get some better pictures for you when I can. I’m in a bit of a clothing funk at the moment, I kind of just want to buy THIS onesie and hibernate for a few months. IT’S COLD!