Hair & Beauty

I want to sparkle.

I used to spend hours in front of the mirror when I was a teen, playing around with make up. The power that make up have to transform someone is endless. I would dream of being a make up artist, but ended up a beauty school drop out. I don’t think my personality is strong enough to be a make up artist. I still enjoy playing around with make up, but I don’t wear it all that much these days.

I only used moisturiser and 6 make up products for this. Powder. Blush. Lipstick. Eyeliner. Mascara. Eyeshadow on my eyebrows. I looked this THIS 20 minutes before. See, trans-formative.

I’m in love with my new nail polish (Better picture HERE). It’s holographic and makes me think of the contact I would cover my school books in. I keep finding myself just sitting and watching it change colour when it hits the light in different ways. I picked it up from picturepolish. It’s weird to think I used to be a horrid nail biter 2 years ago, now I have to cut my nails as they get too long. It’s amazing the change a few years can make.

I like to pull faces in photos. You should see some of them. I’m a little nutters, I know. I’m still sick, i’m still over-emotional. My foot is sore and i’m back sleeping with my cast on. I’m in a funk. I’m not depressed, I don’t think, i’m just, eh. Tired & restless. I wish I had my full license, I long to just escape down to my parents caravan on the water, waking up to THIS every day would do me the world of good.