Union Jacks, Labyrinth & fat art, OH MY!

I’m an emotional spender, it’s true, i’ll admit it.  Excessive spending is one of the traits of Borderline Personality Disorder. In regards to some of the traits, I feel lucky that this is the one that I tend to have. Though i’d like to point out, i’m in no way a crazy excessive spender. I don’t own a credit card and I have no debts. But well, i’ve been emotional the past month and accumulated a stash of pretty things that I wanted to show off.

Ludo & Oliver Owl! Labyrinth is my all time favourite movie, when I was younger I used to think Sarah was stupid and that one day i’d marry the Goblin King. Hopefully i’m not the only one who looses hours on Etsy, but on one of those binges I stumbled across Peludossa. I snapped up a Ludo straight away! I’m going to buy a Chewbacca & Ewok over the next few months! My parents bought me home Oliver Owl (To add to my owl collection) last weekend. He’s from Windsor markets.

I’ve had a love of the UK since, hmm, around 1998. High school was the peak of this phase, I had so many things covered in the Union Jack. Some of that still pops out now and then. Mix a Union Jack, rhinestones and a bag together and it’s something I CANNOT refuse. Add to that a $10 voucher off. Come to Mummuh! I snapped this up from The Iconic. It’s by Niclaire.

The Bear Brooch is by The Triangle of Bears. I’d been eyeing her bear brooches for awhile, so when she had a half price sale I bought one. She’s based in Australia and makes some wonderful pieces. I also have a set of her leaf brooches. The ring is by Plastique & I bought it from Aussie store Emerg(in), they carry some gorgeous art & jewellery! The cat girl brooch is by one of my favourite artists Karolin Felix, check out her work, ITS AMAZING! And the badges, those badges. TEN is my Doctor. I couldn’t resist these! Another Australian seller, I bought these on the Bruce Loves You Etsy page.

A fellow fat, Australian Natalie is an amazing artist. I LOVE her work and own other postcards, stickers & a necklace by her. I love these postcards so much, i’ll be re-arranging my inspiration/happy board so I can fit them!

So yep, that’s what I’ve snapped up! I’ve been enjoying shopping within Australia and supporting hand made craft items.

What was the last thing you bought?