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New hair colour!

While I love having the purple hair, I always feel like pink in my ‘natural’ colour. I decided I needed a little bit of a change, so I went on ebay to look around at what other hair dyes were available. I have a mixture of different brands I use. Fudge, Manic Panic & Special Effects are my main go to for bright colours. ┬áThis time, I went for a new brand!

La Riche Directions! It’s always a little nerve racking trying a new dye. I’d heard good things about the brand, but i’m so used to the other brands I use, it’s like starting a new relationship. Luckily as you can see, we are getting along well. I picked mine up on ebay from the UK, each tub was about $6 including postage. The 2 stores i’ve found that had it in Australia both wanted over $20 (not including postage!). Thanks ebay!

I’ve been wanting to try rainbow hair, but while I collect up all the colours needed, I thought i’d try 4 different ones to see how I go with the dying process. I’ve only ever done 3 colours max before. The bottom layer is Neon Blue, followed by Lagoon Blue. The top layer goes from lavender at my roots to flamingo pink.

The dye seems good so far, it’s been a week and i’ve washed it twice and I haven’t lost too much colour. I found this colour runs when you apply it more then other dyes, but as long as you are aware of that, it’s not much of a problem.

I’m super happy with how it turned out! What do you think!?