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Why does make up have to be so expensive?

Ever since Danimezza showed me the Invisable Zinc Foundation, i’ve been wanting to pick some up. When I finally found it in store, it was $45, I usually have a $30 limit on my foundation. Seeing I still had foundation, I thought i’d wait, but not before I whinged a little on twitter. Then this happened…

As I mention previously, I signed up to Bellabox (I’ve also since signed up for I love this Box), so I could trial some samples for new brands. I am a beauty school drop out, and I’ve been in desperate need to replace* so many of my old favourites.

I posted most of my favourites in the “What’s in my make up bag” post, but I thought i’d go through and show some of the things that are on my lust worthy “to buy when I can afford them” list. Some of these items aren’t too expensive, but a few come from overseas and shipping can be rather annoying, so it’s easier to buy in larger lots.

  1. INVISIBLE ZINK FOUNDATION – Light – $42 au – As I mentioned, I saw this foundation in action on Dani  it was pretty amazing, she gave it a good review and when I finally found it in store (Myer) tried it on and loved it.
  2. GIRL MEETS PEARL – Benefit – $30 us – A soft golden-pink pearlessence highlighter. I’ve been on a highlighter kick as of late, so you’ll notice a few highlighters here.
  3. 3 IN 1 PRIMER – Face of Australia – $11.95 au – I’ve currently been using the sample of primer I have from Napolen Peredis, but my normal primer I use is FOA Face Base. I’m really interested in trying out the 3 in 1 primer. I rather like FAO because they are within my budget and usually have pretty good quality.
  4. FULL METAL LIPLINER – Inglot – $22 au – In 860 & 856. I’m in desperate need of lipliner. Actually, I have one pink lipliner and that is officially dead.
  5. SHADOW LINER – Bloom – $25 au – I love products that can work more then one way. This can be used as either an eyeliner or eye shadow! Wanted in colours: Electric Blue, Midnight Blue & Charcoal Grey.
  6. ADIC I-DIVINE PALETTE – Sleek – $10 us – I have a love of bright make up and I only have one small palette at the moment. This one just really tickles my fancy. Look at the colours!
  7. POUT PAINT – Sleek – $8 us – I’ve not tried these, but apparently they are very similar to OCC Liptar, which I love! Colours: Mauve over, Pin up, Rosette, Port  Pinkini.
  8. WATTS UP – Benefit – $30 us – A champagne coloured cream-to-powder highlighter.
  9. COL.LECTA COLOUR EYE SHADOW – Bloom – $9.95 au – Amazon, Blue Mountains, Daintree & Taj Mahal will one day be mine!
  10. SUGARPILL LOOSE EYESHADOW – Sugarpill – $12 us – I have 4 of their pressed foundations, but I’m really wanting to try their loose eyeshadow. Basically in every colour 😛
  11. MR. BUNNY BRUSHES – Sigma – $109 us – When I think of brushes, I think of Sigma. The Mr Bunny brush set has the essentials, plus it’s VEGAN! One of the things I like about Sigma is that you can actually build your own kit.
  12. HIGH BEAM – Benefit – $26 us – With a tagline like “supermodel in a bottle”, how could I not want it!?

So, I decided, i’m not going to add EVERYTHING I want from Benefit, because basically, it’s the whole site. I’m saving up my pennies to make an order from the US site soon. (Free shipping if you spend over $135!) But check out The POREfessional, They’re Real, That Gal,  Benetint, Oh la la lift, 10, Bluff Dust & Lemon-aid. Yeah, i’m in trouble. I’ve told myself I have to narrow it down to 6. I have their Brows-a-go-go kit and swear by it!

*Make up has a shelf life. While not everyone sticks to it, I don’t like to keep a lot of my stuff for too much longer then recommended. I learnt a lot of nasty things about the health and safety of make up & I’m quite fond of my skin. For a guide on what time frame is advisable, check THIS article out.