OOTD Failure & Sydney Storms.

Today is not my day. You ever have one of those days when things just don’t go right. It’s not a bad day, it’s just one that you wish you spent in bed instead of doing everything else. I had to go have a CT scan on my foot, the X-Ray came back looking like it was fractured, but it wasn’t conclusive, so off to have a CT scan. My appointment was at 11:30. I got in at 1pm.

I wanted to try and take some pictures to show one of the ways I’ve been wearing the dress I got from Curvy is Beautiful (Also seen HERE), but it just didn’t work out for me. Taking photos on your own can be frustrating. Mr Frodo decided he had to stand and watch me, right in front of the camera. He wouldn’t budge.

Have to say, wearing the dress like this has been super cool for those hot days. I love that I can wrap it many ways. I also think it’d make an amazing dress to throw on over a swimming costume!

Also my hair was being mighty annoying. But I decided to share a few of the photos with you anyway, because well, today wasn’t my day, but I know we all have them. In the end, I sat down and cuddled Frodo. He’s one of those dogs that knows when someone is unwell, so he’s been very protective of me. I think he was looking at me a little like “Mum, just what do you think you are doing!?”.

I think you can see in this picture that i’ve had about 3 hours sleep in the past 24 hours! But how awesome is the print of this jacket I scored 2nd hand online for about $15. I’d also just tried on my LimeCrime lipgloss that arrived. Holy spaceballs batman, that is some amazing gloss! My roots are fading too, lavender colour just doesn’t seem to like my hair!

On another note, Sydney has been getting some pretty crazy storms. I took some footage of a storm we had the other night, it cut out our power and hit 2 of our neighbours trees and split them right down the middle. I missed Sydney storms when I was in Adelaide, they are beautifully fierce.