Harry Potter Character Style Inspiration – Part Two

This is Part Two in the guest post series by Vanessa from Nessbow. You can read part one HERE.

Luna Lovegood.
Luna Lovegood. by nessbow featuring tutu skirts

Luna Lovegood

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit weird.  Sometimes it’s fun to let your eccentric side out to play.  Take your inspiration from oddball Luna by mixing and matching bright colours, floaty fabrics and fun prints.  Luna likes jewellery that’s made from everyday objects, such as corks, buttons and even radishes.  Don’t worry too much about making sure that everything matches, looking a bit strange is half the fun.

Professor McGonagall
Professor McGonagall by nessbow featuring a crochet stocking

Professor McGonagall

The thing I love best about McGonagall is the fact that she’s so prim and proper, and yet you can tell that there’s a cheeky spirit bubbling away below the surface.  To capture that, I’ve chosen pieces that are somewhat conservative, but have a slightly sexy edge.  Start with a green tartan kilt as your base and add thick tights and a vintage-inspired jumper.  Sweep your hair into a tight bun and finish off with a pair of flat shoes.  This outfit has minimal accessories, because McGonagall would never wear anything too fussy.

Professor Trelawney
Professor Trelawney by nessbow featuring boho skirts

Professor Trelawney

If you’re a sucker for glitz, baubles and trinkets, then this is the outfit for you.  There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when you’re taking a cue from Sybil Trelawney. Rings, beads, shawls, skirts and scarves all jostle for attention in this cacophony of an outfit.  Find your biggest, most colourful skirt and start adding blouses, shawls and as much jewellery as you can pile on without toppling over.

I adore the styling in the Harry Potter movies.  Each of the characters is so different, so there’s sure to be someone for you to draw inspiration from.

If you had to choose, which characters outfit would you wear?