I’m currently unsure which was is up & I admit, I’ve probably cried twice a day in the past week. It’s been crazy. First up, meet Stark (First image). If you follow me on twitter, you’ve seen me complain about my desktop. It hates me, it’s not yet two, but it’s not had sound for over a year, the graphics card is possessed and I’ve been having to do a systems re-store at least once a week.

My family have always bought Dell computers, Tesla was Dell #5 for us, but oh man, how that will change. The customer service i’ve had with them has been nothing but awful. I need a reliable computer, so today I went out to Harvey Normal and bought a laptop thanks to interest free payments. Lets see how I go paying off a computer & saving for a holiday over the next few months!

Moving is CRAYCRAY! Ugh, we did our 2nd truck load of stuff last week & still have more to go. Mum & I are going up during the upcoming week to start trying to unpack, organise, paint, assemble, and so on. It’s all a mess of ‘who is staying here, who is going there, where are the animals, how will the drinks stay cold’. We will figure it out i’m sure.

I’ve had a good chat with our handyman/carpenter about my kitchen and installing a new counter. I’ve been out looking at furniture, as I only really have a bed. I need to find a lounge, bookcases, computer table. Not to mention buy a bar fridge & freezer. I feel a little overwhelmed when I think about it all.

Never fear, I have some posts scheduled to go live. I may not be on social media as much, or posting 3-4 times a week, but I’ll still be around!

How was your past week?