Harry Potter Character Style Inspiration – Part One

I’m really excited to have Ness take over my blog for a Harry Potter inspired fashion post. I love Vanessa and have found her to be such an inspiration to my fashion choices. She’s not afraid to wear what she wants and she always looks so fabulous doing so. Make sure you take the time to go and visit her blog. Make sure you check back in a few days for Part Two!

Hello XL as Life readers!  My name is Vanessa and I normally blog over at Nessbow.  However, today I’m taking a break from my own site and writing a guest post for Natalie.  How exciting!

 I love designing outfits that take their roots in pop culture or geeky media.  I also adore dressing up as my favourite characters and translating their style into real life.  As Natalie and I are both massive Harry Potter nerds, I’ve decided to put together a few outfits inspired by some of my favourite Harry Potter characters.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter by nessbow featuring black jewelry

Harry Potter.

Harry’s look is very casual and slouchy.  To capture this relaxed vibe, throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a chunky jumper.  Motorcycle boots are ideal footwear when you expect an adventure might be just around the corner.  To make sure that your outfit isn’t too dull and tomboyish, add a sprinkling of magical-themed jewellery.  Harry’s look wouldn’t be complete without his signature glasses and Gryffindor scarf.

Professor Dumbledore
Professor Dumbledore by nessbow featuring harem pants

Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore favours rich fabrics and jewel colours.  His clothes have a sumptuous, luxurious feel to them.  Choose items in heavy velvets for the best effect, preferably in shades of purple or royal blue.  Comfort is a priority, so billowy harem pants and smoking slippers are ideal.  Finish your outfit off with a couple of jewelled accents that feature Dumbledore’s favourite animal- the phoenix.

Bellatrix LeStrange


Bellatrix LeStrange by nessbow featuring a black skirt

Bellatrix LeStrange

On days when you awake feeling a wee bit haughty, let your dark side run wild by channelling Bellatrix as you get dressed.  Layer sweeping black skirts over high-heeled boots and winch in your waist with a corset. Slide on some wickedly-patterned arm-warmers and wear your darkest jewellery around your neck and fingers.  If you’re feeling really brave, pop on a death-eater mask to hide your identity from the world.

Which Harry Potter character would you like to dress as?