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Sunday Melbourne Fashion Week Plus OOTD!

September 22, 2016

Finally sharing my last outfit from Melbourne Fashion Week Plus! I know, it’s been a while, but I wanted to showcase everything I wore. I really love having an excuse to dress up and go out, as I live a pretty boring life generally (if you hadn’t noticed). While I do enjoy fashion and wearing fun clothes, these events I love just pushing my comfort zone and wearing things I might not wear to do the grocery shopping.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

This was probably the outfit I felt least confident in, don’t get me wrong, I love it, it was comfortable and I got compliments on it, but I think by Sunday I was tired and would have much preferred to wear pyjamas! I am glad I got to rock my ‘F*ck Flattering’ top though.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

I tried something a little different with my make up and went for a yellow/green eyeliner. Once I got into the show, I realised that both my eyeliner and earrings glowed under the lighting! You can kind of see that HERE.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

Crop Top – Gisela Ramirez || Skirt – Piper Woman || Boots – Payless Shoes
Bag – Queen Victoria Markets || Earrings – Capn Mueller

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering - BloggersJess, Liv, Kobi, Myself and Rachel.

After the show was the after party, I wasn’t planning on going, but ended up going and I’m glad I did. I had a lot of fun, but I got a tad bit drunk! I don’t usually drink much, I may have like one glass of alcohol every 2-3 months, well, this weekend I drank more than I do in a year! The jugs at The Highlander Bar were so delicious! I think the Violet Smash was my fave.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering - BloggersAmy, Meagan and I

I really loved MFW+, I learned of some amazing new designers and caught up with old favourites. I got to hang out with my favourite Queensland ladies and met so many wonderful people I’ve known and admired online.

What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

  • Cara E

    Girl you are so freaking cute, I love your hair colour <3 the slogan on your top is SO important too, I hate how many people decide against wearing things as they feel it won't suit them or their body. Fashion is about YOU and what you like, not conforming! x

  • Louise P

    Your eye make up looks amazing! You rock colourful eye make up so well! Also love seeing a reappearance of that awesome top! xx

  • Thank you! I love the colour of this eyeliner, but I don’t wear it often.

  • Exactly! And thank you! <3