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Straight sized clothing for plus size woman!

I know a few plus size ladies who won’t even walk into straight sized clothing, I admit, I used to be a little guilty of this. The thing is, I never thought that there would be anything inside the store that would fit my right thigh, let alone all of me! I’ve changed though, and with the current ‘oversized’ trend that is happening, I’ve found bountiful treasures in straight sized clothing stores!

 For example THIS dress is a size 14! Now, as you can see, i’m closer to a size 24 then 14 but it fits! Most days I don’t even look at sizes. You know your body best! You know what suits you! Have a look at the clothes around you, feel the material, try things on! You never know what you may find!

It’s not so easy with online clothing, true, but with the over sized trend, you can find some great items that you can fit into. Most online stores these days will tell you what size the model is wearing. Below are a few items that go up to a size Large & are being modelled in a size small. Now, of course the items won’t have the same amount of drape, but you can still rock them!

  • To My Yang Tunic Tee by Evil Twin – Found at Market HQ- $63 au
  • Button Side Drop Back Dress by Staple – Found at Market HQ- $74au
  • Dream Time Cape by Staple – Found at Market HQ- $83 au
  • Anita Batwing Tee by Brandy & Melville – Found at NastyGal – $45 us
  • Collette Cape Blouse – Found at NastyGal – $38 us
  • Holy Fishnet Tee by Evil Twin – Found at NastyGal – $88 us