Adelaide Hill pics!

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, my parents and I went for a drive in the Adelaide Hills. Our main destination being the National Motor Museum, we did however make a few pit stops along the way. It was so very beautiful, the weather was a great sunny day, but not too hot!

Cows!! I always get excited when seeing any sort of animal!

Gorgeous old house that I would love to live in, but would need help cleaning! It was built around 1853 if my memory is correct!

And again from the back!

The Giant Rocking Horse! I didn’t climb up to the top! I couldn’t be bothered!

Whilst out I was out I came across this vintage Star Wars block mount in an antique store! I could not resist! It now lives at the end of our hallway!

At home, that night, my parents dog Emily decided she liked the Christmas present my parents got Adam, a Port Adelaide bean bag!