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    May the 4th & The Darling Den!

    Happy May the 4th everyone! For those of you who aren’t a bit geeky, today is a day to celebrate all things that is Star Wars! So of course I had to wear one of my Star wars shirts! In case you’re wondering the top is from the teen boys section at Target, I then cut the neckline. The skirt is an old item from 17 Sundays. Todays itinerary was to look at lounges for the Darling Den. I was in love with this one from King Furniture, but even on sale, I couldn’t really afford it. So, I went to look at Plush, which is where my parents bought…

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    Emotionally spent. Emotional spending.

    When i’m emotional, I spend. It took me a long time to realise it, and even long to admit it, to myself & others. Emotional spending is one of the things that goes hand in hand with my mental disorder, but out of the list of negative things, for example drug use, unsafe sex, gambling and crazy driving, I’m glad that this is the one that I have the most problems with. That being said, I’ve certainly learnt to handle it better. Simple things. I don’t own a credit card, and honestly, I don’t ever want to. This means, I can only spend what I have. I have a separate savings account, that I…

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    My crazy epic Christmas Wishlist!

    When I say ‘crazy epic’ I mean it, with just over 50 items! Yeah, I went a little crazy, there is just so much pretty things out! Blue Chiffon Maxi Skirt – $54au | Snakeskin Embossed Dress – *onsale* $75 | Betsey Johnson Bulldog Earrings – $30 | Betsey Johnson Watch – $95| Lace Print Pleated Dress – $425 | Faux Leather Skirt Dress – $409 | Stitchable Stationary – $14.95 | Labyrinth Worm plushie – $29.99 | JC Cranky Fur Shoes – $174.95 | Bitch I’m a Unicorn Tee – $30.50 | Tarina Tarantino oversize heart necklace – $150 | Owl Nightlight – $12.99 | Platform Lace Up Brogue – $140 | Tattoos…

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    Star Wars themed Christmas!

    Why yes, they are Star Wars themed Christmas ornaments & I NEED THEM! I’d have the lights up all year round, and how amazing is the Yoda tree topped!! They also have an R2-D2 nut cracker! WANT! I left all my Christmas stuff in Adelaide, so I will have to start collecting things again. I’ll hopefully be able to pick up a tree in the after Christmas sales (Black, of course!). But if you are as crazy geeky as I am, and want to snap up these babies, I found them at Neato Shop.

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    Adelaide Hill pics!

    As I mentioned a couple of posts back, my parents and I went for a drive in the Adelaide Hills. Our main destination being the National Motor Museum, we did however make a few pit stops along the way. It was so very beautiful, the weather was a great sunny day, but not too hot! Cows!! I always get excited when seeing any sort of animal! Gorgeous old house that I would love to live in, but would need help cleaning! It was built around 1853 if my memory is correct! And again from the back! The Giant Rocking Horse! I didn’t climb up to the top! I couldn’t be…