Busy Bee!

My boxes arrived on Monday, and i’ve been spending my time trying to organise my room. Yeah, it looks like a bomb has hit it, but I’m still trying to figure out what I need to unpack and what I don’t. I have a house worth of stuff to fit into a room! Mind you, I feel very lucky to have such a large room! So i’ve been a little distracted! Sorry!

I’ve been struggling with bouts of depression. Or as I have been calling it bipolarcoasting (Just in case you are a new follower and are a little lost, I’ve talked about my Mental Heath issues HERE). I guess it is to be expected with such huge life changes. I am really missing Ginny & Henry. I have an appointment booked with a new psychologist next Wednesday though, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that talking about things will help straighten my head out!