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MBFF | Myer | Big is Beautiful | The show!

Today I was lucky enough to attend Myers Big is Beautiful show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival! The show featured designs from 15 brands.

My Thoughts

In one word. Safe. While, I do understand most brands try and cater for ‘everyone’, it would be nice to see a little bit more boundary pushing. More form fitting, less billow. The theme was very nautical, and I did love the use of stripes. White was heavily featured, as was neutral tones. I would love to have seen more colour. Overall I would personally pick up a few of the pieces & only really disliked one dress.

My Favourites

Over all, my favourite was TS 14+. I loved all 4 of the outfits showcased! I really liked M Lines designs too, feminine and flowy, but I’ve always found the choice of material and the shape of the designs always make this brand stand out from the rest. The B&W print drape dress from BIB Work was great, and I think I need to look into Mink Denim because those jeans looked great!

The Pictures

I really need to invest in a camera. It will be my next big purchase. For the time being, my phone is pretty good, but as I went through resizing, I saved them in the wrong format, so they’ve lost a little bit of the quality. I think you get the general idea though!

The photos show designs from all involved, with the name of the label on the screen in the background.