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MBFF | Myer | Big is Beautiful | The show!

August 23, 2011

Today I was lucky enough to attend Myers Big is Beautiful show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival! The show featured designs from 15 brands.

My Thoughts

In one word. Safe. While, I do understand most brands try and cater for ‘everyone’, it would be nice to see a little bit more boundary pushing. More form fitting, less billow. The theme was very nautical, and I did love the use of stripes. White was heavily featured, as was neutral tones. I would love to have seen more colour. Overall I would personally pick up a few of the pieces & only really disliked one dress.

My Favourites

Over all, my favourite was TS 14+. I loved all 4 of the outfits showcased! I really liked M Lines designs too, feminine and flowy, but I’ve always found the choice of material and the shape of the designs always make this brand stand out from the rest. The B&W print drape dress from BIB Work was great, and I think I need to look into Mink Denim because those jeans looked great!

The Pictures

I really need to invest in a camera. It will be my next big purchase. For the time being, my phone is pretty good, but as I went through resizing, I saved them in the wrong format, so they’ve lost a little bit of the quality. I think you get the general idea though!

The photos show designs from all involved, with the name of the label on the screen in the background.

  • Your favourites look to be what I’d pick as well. M Line looks great. It’s nice to see TS14+ moving away from the horrible prints they have had in the past, towards something more modern, including non-ankle length dresses! The brown oversized one is styled nicely.

  • very cute outfits, but you’re right, rather billowy. I, of course, favor the girl in the skinny capris and tee shirt. ^_~

  • Wow!! What an amazing opportunity! I would’ve loved to see the show in person! I agree with you, I think the clothes are safe, but how amazing do the models look?!

  • How lucky are you!! I’ve always been afraid of the TS14t so was hoping for some improvement there. There are even some pieces I would buy!

    I was in Myer last week and saw many of these things. It’s not even the shapeless that is the biggest problem for me, it’s that so many pieces seem unwearable.

    Piper woman has to most wearable looks. The knee length blue skirt with skinny belt it my favourite.

    The BIB work stuff is horrid. (sorry Myer)

  • I l-l-LOVED the show! But of course, another highlight was meeting you. Thanks so much for being so awesome!

  • edisonmyndiecoco

    Now this is a fashion show I can personally relate to, because alot of these clothes are what I would throw on before going down the road to the supermarket, et al. I’m plump so I like billowy, but I do understand what you are saying! Thank you so much for featuring this on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your pictures are just fine – they are clear enough for me to figure out what was what.

  • Dazzlar1974
  • Guh! No, not until you’d linked me! Posted a new blog entry on my thoughts. Thanks for the link!

  • No problems! Glad you enjoyed!

    I understand that this would please a lot of plus size woman, but I sometimes just get frustrated that there isn’t as much diversity as the straight sized market. So many stores do the same thing, the same style, it would be nice to have more variety.

  • Hee, THANK YOU for being awesome! I look forward to spending more time with you in the future!

  • TS14+ are a little out there at times, I like the quirky, but I found the stuff featured at the show to berefreshingand very wearable.

    I’ve not been into Myer for a month or so, so i’ve not seen these up close. I generally don’t buy in Myer anyway as I can never afford it.

    I rather like the black&white print BiB work dress, but the dress on the right end, was my least favourite, it was pretty bad.

  • The models were amazing, and I loved the fact that many of them are just everyday woman who won a competiton to walk the catwalk!

  • Hee, thought you would! I’m not a pants kind of person, I can never find ones that fit right, i’m still searching for the holy grail!

  • I love MLine! I’ve never bought from them, as I couldn’t afford to purchase outright, but they have some gorgeous thinks. I loved the colours and fabrics they used.

    TS14+ wasrefreshing & I would personally wear all 4 showcased outfits. I often find a lot of their clothing a littleeccentric, but these were great!

  • Ugh. Boring, bland and not a single new thing amongst them. I will continue to avoid Myer for at least another season by the looks of all these clothes!