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Birthday & Christmas Lunch!

December 18th marked my Mothers birthday, so to celebrate we invited the family out to lunch as a Birthday/ Early Christmas celebration. Last year I held Christmas at my place in Adelaide, so seeing as I’m back here, we are just taking it easy on Christmas day. We went to Blacktown Workers club, they have a nice all you can eat buffet.

My niece Sharntelle and I.

It was good getting to catch up with my family, I hadn’t seen my Uncle since my Grandmother funeral 18 months ago. We have a pretty crazy to explain family in terms of family tree, so you may get a little lost at times, but just enjoy some of the pictures.

My Uncle and Dad.

I’m an Auntie 7 times, and a great Auntie 3 times. Yes, my eldest niece has 3 kids. It makes me feel old, that being said, there is only 3 years difference in age between my eldest niece and I. Confused yet? My brother is my half brother and something like 13 years older then me.

My brother and niece, not his daughter, my sisters daughter 😛

It was really crowded and noisy at the restaurant, but the food was omnomnom. I had roast lamb, pork and beef, with pumpkin. Everybody else seemed to go for the seafood, but I cannot say no to a good roast!

My niece Ashley

We all then made our way back home to my parents place to exchange presents! The thing I love about Christmas is gift giving and just seeing the joy on the little kids faces! So cute! It made me super clucky though.

Welcome to the crazy, crowded, present and child filled lounge room! The kids were having a ball!

Christmas tree, toys, children. It was a great day!

Of course, it was my Mums birthday, so we got her a cake! My Mum really doesn’t like having her photo taken, so I was stoked to get these two. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!

Mr Frodo LOVES Christmas, he loves presents & of course he gets a few at this time of the year. Seeing as everyone else was opening some, he got one today too.  A duck that squeaks, he’s nuts for squeaky toys. I actually filmed him unwrapping his present, yes, he unwraps them himself, it’s a bit of animal enrichment.