It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I left all my Christmas decorations in Adelaide, silly me, so I wasn’t going to put up any decorations this year, instead I’d wait and buy some at the after Christmas sales. Thing is, Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. I love finding the perfect gift for a loved one, wrapping it, and watching them open it. Those plans seemed to have changed though, after walking into Big W and spotting these little Christmas trees for $5 each, my only problem was, I couldn’t decide what colour to get. As you can see, I bought all 3!

Then came the fact that I didn’t have any decorations for them, so I picked up a box of multi-coloured mixed baubles for $15 and decided to use one colour for each tree. I’m rather happy with the way they turned out. I’ve managed to squeeze most of the presents i’ve bought for my parents and friends. The pink wrapping paper is for Kylie and the presents are Christmas/Birthday, so I figured i’d just use my pink paper.

I picked up the ‘Merry Christmas’ santa the other week at shopping, I couldn’t resist him and has since been dubbed ‘Glam Goth Santa’, how often do you find a Santa dressed in a black glitter suit!? Now that’s my kind of Santa!

In Myer, I found this owl, that my Mother then bought for me. I was surprised at the amount of owl Christmas decoations they had. I know owls are popular, but i’ve never really considered them a Christmas animal. When we got to the register, he was discounted by $11! SCORE!

Have you decorated for this holiday season?