Oh Sydney City, I’ve missed you.

Train Station. Train Seats. Sydney Harbour Bridge hazy from the rain. My hotel Room. Rain making buildings disappear.

I’ve only managed to get into the city once since my move back to Sydney in June, pretty sad, I know, so when I decided to attend the Blogger Relations Forum (more about that in another post), I thought i’d spend the previous night in the city. Not to mention the getting up at 5am to catch a train into the city didn’t appeal to me at all. Of course, the weather was dreary, so I made my way into the city on Wednesday afternoon and then camped out in my hotel. When given a choice, I usually stay at Vibe Hotels, I think this is the 4th time staying at the Goulburn Street location.

I was going to go out and find a resturant for dinner, but as I was already drenched and didn’t have a spare set of clothes, I changed into my pjamas and ordered in room service. I’m not a huge eater of red meat, but once I read the menu it was the steak that called to me. I also ordered breakfast, which I couldn’t get through. It’s really frustrating, my medication for my back need to be taken with food, but my new diabetic medication has basically made my appetite non existent.

After the #brf11, Caitlin & I did some window shopping. I wanted to check out the Christmas display at the Queen Victoria building. Lordy, the tree is MASSIVE!

Spanning a full three levels of the building, our magnificent 24-metre Christmas tree is adorned with 144,000 Swarovski crystals and 60,000 lights. With 12 months in planning and over 40 hours to install and decorate, the tree was made possible by a team of 72 construction technicians, engineers, lighting consultants and crystal makers from both Australia and Austria.

If you have a spare minute, I’d recommend you watch the quick video HERE of the tree, it’s amazing! I went to get my photo with Santa in the amazing Swarovski crystal dome, but he had a waiting time of nearly 2 hours. Sorry Santa, I love you, but i’m not waiting that long for a photo with you!