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Sydney Opera House

I’ve lived in Sydney all but 3 years of my life & I often forget how beautiful it is here. While I’ve always wanted to travel, see the world, live in the UK and New Zealand for a year or so, I feel so blessed to have been born in such an amazing country.

Spending last week at MBFWA, we had the most amazing view of the Sydney Opera House. I’ve been inside the Opera House, seen it hundreds of times, but seeing it from a different angle was looking at it through new eyes. I can totally understand why it’s classified as one of the ‘7 wonders’.

My life is currently full of darkness. I feel like i’m lost deep in the water, struggling to breathe, not sure which was is up. I found myself sitting and just watching the water & staring at the Opera House often last week, I guess it was a reminder that beautiful things do exist. Try and find happiness in the small and simple things. When you find the right way up, and break through the water, take your first big breath of fresh air, when you open your eyes, you may be greeted to your own Opera House waiting for you.

All these photos were taken on my phone, and not edited, apart from re-sizing.