Adelaide Zoo!

My 10 year nephew has come to stay with Adam & I for 10 days whilst his Mum has gone on holidays! Since I’ve moved to Adelaide I keep meaning to brng him down to stay, he’s been missing the dogs! So with my sister going away & Caleb needing a place to stay, I rasied my hand. So he flew in on Thursday. He really enjoyed the plane trip! We’d been trying to think of things to do to keep him occupied, so on Saturday we made our way to Adelaide Zoo!

Giant Panda! Last time I went to the Zoo Wang Wang & Funi were still in isolation, so we had to look at them through glass. Now, they can wander out into there exibit! They are such gorgeous creatures! I always expect them to be bigger then they are though!

Caleb & I with the Panda statues!

Caleb’s favourite animal was the penquins. Mine is pretty much always the Hippo, though daily they aren’t my favourite animal. We all enjoyed the Otters though, they were in a cheeky mood!

We all had fun at the feed section with the goats & deer! The deer were so lovely! There was one really happy goat, but otherwise they were rather fiesty when it came to their food!


I always enjoy watching the Tapirs too! There enclosure is with the monkeys and its fun to see the Tapir wandering around on the ground with the monkeys in the trees! If I was a forest sprite in a book, I would ride a Tapir!



Adam & had to quikly cover Calebs eyes when we were at the baboons (No pictures) as we were greeted with suprize sex. I don’t know what Caleb knows about the birds & the bees, but I didn’t want to have to explain what they were doing!

I think Adam was a little suprised to as how well I know the zoo! I go every year and I know the layout pretty much off the top of my head. I also know most of the animals on site & am full of random facts about them. What can I say, I love animals!

We were lucky, I saved the Hippos for the very end (Best for last!) and the keeper was giving them a hosing and feed! You don’t usually get to see the Hippos out of the water, so it was a treat to see both of them get out to eat!

So yes, posting may be a little slow over the next fortnight! I’m also so behind on reading & commenting, but hey, I’m out having fun!