Armageddon Expo Adelaide!

I had such a brilliant weekend! I honestly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun & laughed so hard!

Sanctuary Sandwich!

Ryan Robbins, who thought it was cool that my Cat is partially named after his character. He is soooo funny!

David Hewlett! Yay! I didn’t get his auto, but I got a photo, it’s totally stuffed up my folder, but I could only afford one. He is great!

John Rhys Davis! I went into this photo chanting in my head “I am not going to laugh”. In my last photo with JRD, I was mid laugh, as he likes to tickle! My grin is bigger then normal though. He also taught me how to kill an orc! I was in fangirl heaven!

Now, this photo needs to be explained. On The Hub website, we have a section about things not to do. One of those is ‘No inappropriate touching of guests’. Somewhere down the line we started the ‘Awkward hand placement photos’, as a joke and as to show what not to do. It now seems to be a great big Hub gang ritual. Here is is with Chris and Ryan.

Here it is with Rand, basically our boss! Chris and Ryan had to get in on the action though!

Zoe & I had to have one with Chris. What you can’t see, is that both Zoe and I have our legs right up! And of course my individual Chris photo. Words cannot describe how much I LOVE this man!

David Anders & Lance Henrickson! Love!

Working my booth on Saturday!

My OMG! Lucius Malfoy picture! I was happy on Saturday, cause Lucius was in the booth across from me! Snape was there both days.

My Slytherin Sandwich photo! <3